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Let Our Clients Speak For Themselves!

“LTTM is instrumental in helping me execute a plan to reset my tech career and land a job. Their insights provided me with a realistic and highly effective improvement strategy that is still paying off. I would highly recommend LTTM to anyone considering changing careers into tech or changing their position within it.”

ABEL L. , Attended Bootcamp, Landed first IT job, LTTM Client

“I have found LTTM to be a fantastic resource in augmenting my preparation for an intensive coding bootcamp. Coming from a biology background LTTM’s continued technical mentorship and guidance has been invaluable in supporting me thus far in my journey. I would recommend this service to anyone who is also making their first steps into the tech industry.”

YUJIE Z., Bootcamp-prep -> in App Academy, LTTM Client

“As an experienced QA analyst, I wanted to improve my skills and marketability by moving into a test automation role. With no prior coding experience, I was able to gain some coding skills (Java) in a relatively short period. I feel more confident overall as a result.”

Ronan G. K., QA Analyst -> Automation Engineer, LTTM Client

“LTTM provided me with just what I needed to keep my career on track.  After working in the same industry as a software developer for several years, my technical skills were stale.  This company helped me identify gaps in my career background and identify goals I wanted to achieve.  LTTM helped me steer my career into the correct direction and take it to the next level.  Thank you LTTM.”

JOAO S., Sr. Software Engineer, LTTM Client

“I am an experienced QA analyst in the process of becoming an Automation Engineer with LTTM’s help. The training from LTTM has been extremely helpful. I would rather say, it is not just training but more of a “on the job experience” with real-time project work. I strongly recommend LTTM to anyone who wants to upgrade or switch IT career paths.”

Anita D., QA Analyst -> Automation Engineer, LTTM Client

“Kiran is my mentor at LTTM. Kiran is a very knowledgeable engineer and coach, and very easy to talk to about any problems you meet in the office, your own studying or even your personal life. He can always give some good ideas. I am very glad I met him when I was seriously thinking about learning coding and career-transitioning by going to a women’s bootcamp in SF. He gave me some good high-level suggestions which benefit me for my long-term career development.”

Roni H., Pre-bootcamp, CPA -> Data Scientist, LTTM Client
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